Thursday, November 08, 2007
What's this? What's This?  

Movie in 3D
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Ok, I fully admit it... I titled this post on purpose so a certain hubby will start singing it, and get his three kids to sing it so that a certain FTG will go crazy ;^P (bwa haha)

Anyways... on Sunday, we caught the last day of "Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D." Besides us (a total of 6), there were about 5 others who actually stayed for the whole movie. Three teenage girls left after the first 5 minutes saying they didn't like it, and then realizing I guess that they couldn't sneak into anything else (a Jewish film fest was going on in the other theaters on this side), decided to chit-chat near the hallway. Arg, I WAS NEVER that annoying. Really, I wasn't.

It was a great movie. Not too much was in obvious 3-D (reminder to self, need to watch JAWS3D), but it did add some layering to the ghost effects and such. It's held up really well over the last decade. And there's something about Jack Skellington (wink).


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