Saturday, November 03, 2007
Oh why did it have to suck?  
My mom and I travelled to Valley Forge for business (it's called shopping for the store. Isn't that a wonderful concept? We get to shop for hours and then sell the great things that we haven't gotten immediately attached to).

Anyways, we decided in order to get first dibs, we would stay the night before. The hotel offered a "shopping package"... stay on the concierge floor, get sleep-number beds, $50 Visa card to use at King of Prussia Mall, free TV movie, and some other stuff. After doing the math, we figured, they actually would be giving us some free money, so we took the deal.

Spent the Visa card at Legal Seafood since it was on my mom's list of things she needs to do. The fish was fresh, and they do this cool thing where the wine glasses are marked so that you know that when you order 6 oz of wine (or 2 oz for a sample), you get what you pay for... unfortunately, it was very expensive for what we got. The atmosphere and food was more of a TGIF but the prices were like, uh, a TGIF by Grand Central Station (past experience of an $18 pasta dish which was $12 in NJ).

Walked around the mall... Santa's headquarters is almost finished! I really hate this pushing the season forward. Apparently the Yankee Candle stores have been playing Christmas music for over two weeks now. This will not happen at my store... We are having Thanksgiving! (sorry, mini rant over)

Got back and watched "Knocked Up" (it was between this and "I now pronounce you... Chuck and Larry" which was the other movie my mom wanted to watch when it was in the theaters.) What a horrible film!

I liked "Freaks and Geeks," and LOVED "40 Year Old Virgin" but "KU" was crude without being funny and the character development was totally unbelievable. I felt like I was watching a final project by an NYU student. There was absolutely no chemistry between the two main characters and I found myself wishing I was watching "Chuck and Larry". Except maybe with some different actors... just like in "40YOV" the heat generated from Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan could not be denied :)

Oh... and the Sleep Number Bed. I'm still recouping from that fiasco. What is a Sleep Number bed? It's basically a mattress with a two inch aerobed on top. You get to decide how much are goes into the top so that you can adjust the firmness. It's supposed to save marriages because on the larger sizes, there are dual controls. Unfortunately, firm or soft doesn't translate into cuddly. I went to sleep on a "50" woke up, changed it to "70" woke up, changed it to "35" Then to "30" then to "50" again trying to figure out why the bed was so uncomfortable.

There are many different hotel chains that are promoting "their" mattresses... and the certain R-named hotel chain was no different. Too bad, the mattresses are horrible (my mom had the same experience). HOWEVER, so that I don't sound like a total grouch... the shopping trip was a lot of fun and the breakfasts were great (concierge floor had free continental breakfast, the registration area had free continental breakfast, and we got a free breakfast buffet as part of the package deal). I felt like a hobbit.

PS: If you want a good night's rest at a hotel, try the Crowne Plaza. Each room comes with a sleep kit (lavender spray for relaxation, a soothing CD with a mediation program). Sooooo nice.


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