Monday, November 19, 2007
DAY 4: Culture  
After buying our pricy goodies at the gift shop, we walked down to the bay for a cultural demonstration.

First, a Greenlander traditionally dressed, complete with sealskin boots and a drum made from polar bear stomach, performed a drum dance. Although most drum performances are now done for tourists, the drum is still considered to be a important part of the Greenlander culture. Drum dance was how their history and lore were passed down. This particular story is about a raven and goose that fall in love during the Greenland summer. When it's time for the geese to migrate, the raven decides to go with the goose. He will rest on the goose's back when breaks needed to be taken since ravens can't swim. But across the ocean, the goose remembers that the raven can't be trusted since his kind steal goose eggs and doesn't let the raven rest. The ravens eventually drowns. (Reminds me off the Silverstein boa constrictor poem).

Greenland Fisherman
Originally uploaded by TheJerseyTomato
Then another local demonstrated traditional spear fishing in a kayak. A kayak is especially made for the owner, based on the size and height of the person so that it is as balanced and watertight as possible.

DAY 4: Part 3

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