Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Get a Chicken  

Get a Chicken
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We could have gone to a bunch of places but honestly we weren't in the mood to do to much... we had a wake to attend later that day (Lucky's aunt died of cancer).

So we went to the Somerville Street Fair to spy.... er, observe... how other towns handle their street fairs and to check out the booth set ups. It was pretty same-ol, same-ol, except for the fire department's booth. All they were selling was roast beef sandwiches (sliced in front of you) and birch beer. Hand over five buckeroos and you got yourself a meal. Not a complicated operation and they were making some good money.

As you can see by the photo, we passed the local paint store with the sign "Buy a gallon; Get a Chicken"... no idea what that means!

Afterwards, we hung out at Colonial Park in Franklin. I love that place... it's like a bit of heaven on earth.

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