Thursday, May 03, 2007
Peter, Paul, and Mary  

Peter, Paul, and Mary
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After seeing Loreena McKennit in NYC, Lucky and I set up for a yard sale early the next morning. It was at a neighboring town's park yard sale so we figured there would be some guaranteed foot traffic. We only netted around $25 but did get rid of two boxes of junk, err... treasures.

That night, my mom and I took the train into Newark for her FIRST CONCERT!!!

We first stopped at Don Pepe's, the famed Spanish restaurant. The place had the feel of a "Hart to Hart" episode, lots of dark woods, although the room we were shown to seem to have been done within the last 10 years. We started the meal with some warmed crusty bread and red sangria (I had requested a half-pitcher but they brought a full one). The wine worked quickly; thankfully the bread kept the buzz from getting too wild. I ordered the garlic shrimp , something I often order since I don't get to make it at home (Lucky's allergic) and my mom got the "surf and turf." The steak was pretty good as was the poundplus of shrimps, but the lobster tasted a bit like chlorine. Much was left-over but we couldn't take it with us to the concert so we doggy-bagged the leftovers and left them outside to be found by Newark's homeless. Figured they wouldn't mind a steak and shrimp dinner.

We walked the few blocks to NJPAC, just in time to get to our seats to hear, "Please welcome Peter, Paul & Mary to the stage!" Mary walked with a cane to her bar chair and we worried a moment that having the trio on my "See them before they die" list was a bit less of a joke. But she mentioned later in the concert that she had recupped fine from leukemia a few years back and that she had just thrown her back out a day before (ala Ellen Degeneres).

They sang many of their hits in the first acts, the ones that used all three voices equally. I say "they" but it was also "us" as it wouldn't be a folk performance without the audience singing along. With "Puff the Magic Dragon," most stopped with the first verse, only to start up again at the chorus... except me. Maybe it was reading the book when I was little, or singing in Girl Scouts, but that whole song takes up a chunk of brain matter.

During the break, my mom and I walked around NJPAC even in the darkened areas. That's where we found a deserted ladies' room just 20 feet away from the one with the long line. (I pass this info on... many of the newer PACs have enough WCs, you just have to look).

After the break, PP&M took turns singing their own songs. In Mary's case, she had help from Paul. Not sure if it was by design, or because her voice wasn't as strong as it was. Peter Yarrow dedicated his turn to kwetch about his experiences about Israel, which was welcomed warmly by the audience which seemed to be primarily from Livingston/Short Hills (my mom and I stood out fersher). The second half wasn't as strong but still lots of fun... and sharing the concert with my mom (who sang her heart out) was definitely special.

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