Tuesday, May 08, 2007
The Ft. Dix Plot  
Right now, I'm watching the news conference regarding the plot to shoot up Ft. Dix. And my thought was, crap that could have happened real easily.

You see, over a year ago, a friend got married on the site (technically Maguire Air Force Base) and it was super easy to get in. We were told that we needed I.D. but when we got to the checkpoint, the soldier said "Here for the wedding?" We said "Yup" He said "Go on through."

At the time, I thought it would be rather easy for someone to pretend to be a wedding guest and get into the site. Lucky assured me that chances are that the car had been scanned somehow for weapons, etc. But there wasn't anything noticeable while being a passenger in the vehicle.

I'm sure that a car that makes it through the checkpoints several times a day would even get less of a looksee. Security was tight around 9/11 but then got back to the laxness we're used to at NJ bases. I wonder how long it will stay tight this time.

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