Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Cinco de Mayo  

Red Dawn
Originally uploaded by TheJerseyTomato.
This May 5th, Lucky spent the day down the shore with his friend SuperMarc. So I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with my mom at the local Mexican restaurant. Because... it's an excuse to eat good food.

Since it's a REAL Mexican restaurant, they weren't really celebrating the day. Mexicans celebrate September 16 (Mexican Independence Day) instead. The place was filled with families having an evening out. So instead of drinking Margaritas at the Chili's or Friday's, we ate delicious Oaxacan styled dishes. There's no gooey cheeses or deepfried puffy chimichangas, but lots of fresh flavors and crumbled soft cheese.

On the way back, I took this photo of the rescue squad building. I always liked the weird paint pattern that the vines (now removed) had created on the side wall. The siren on top used to sound every night at 6PM. We would use it as a reminder that we needed to come inside for the night. The weird sky was created by solarizing the photo (NJ doesn't really have red skys).

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