Thursday, April 05, 2007
Readington Robbery  
It's always weird to see places that you know being mentioned in the news.

Last week, it was a guy being beaten to death and then being dumped along with his car one block away from where my friends used to live. Today, it's a bank robber on the loose along Rt. 22. His two buddies are captured; one FBI agent is dead. Chances are that some of my friends in the Readington area had to make sure their doors were locked. Heck, by this time he could have made it to my town. I have to admit that when I heard the news story, I first thought... that's going to screw up the safety stats of that sleepy little town. to keep posted, go here.

PS: It's snowing! Not sticking, but snow nonetheless. Yes, it's April 5.
PPS: The Crosby-Nash show at the Basie's been finally rescheduled for October 17. Is it considered irony that I wanted to see the original show because Crosby is on my "see them before they die" list, and it's being rescheduled because of his "medical issues"?

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