Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Loreena McKennitt: A (K)night in the City  

Radio City Music Hall
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For our second anniversary (one month ago today), I surprised Lucky with tickets to see Loreena McKennitt at Radio City Music Hall. He had forlornly talked about how she hasn't toured in almost a decade, and that he'd love to see her again. It seemed to be an easy gift to select... except that her new tour was filmed in Spain a few months ago, and shown on every PBS station in the country during beg-athon time (three stations alone in our area). Trying to click past her with the remote, feigning disinterest so he wouldn't suggest checking if she was touring nearby wasn't easy!

We left for the city around 4 so that we could actually eat somewhere instead of grabbing a quick something at a shady-looking deli buffet. On the way uptown, Lucky remarked upon a white Hummer decked out to the nines with the vanity plate "DEFCON1" making its way through rush-hour traffic.

We were beginning to cross at an intersection (yes, the little white man was running), where the Hummer was now trying to make a left turn. Since it's around 5:30, the vehicle is swarmed by pedestrians. When suddenly, the driver jumps out and shoves one of the pedestrians hard "Don't you ever f@#Kn touch my truck!" The driver could have been a bouncer at a hard-core bar: tank top, tattoo sleeves, shiny bald head, that whole Vin Diesel look. But he picked on the wrong guy. The startled pedestrian might have been wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, but he looked stranglely like the driver, and definitely had seen the inside of a Gold's Gym; he shoved right back. And for a surreal moment, I thought that I was watching a "Sopranos Goes to Manhattan" episode. The driver must have realized that his hot-headed behavior was just witnessed by at least 100 witnesses and quickly got back in and drove off.

Yet another story in the Naked City, but we had somewhere to get to...WuLiang Ye, a Chinese restaurant near Radio City that got pretty decent reviews. We find it with no problem. Climb up the stairs, only to find out that you needed RESERVATIONS!!! The first time in my life, that a Chinese restaurant required reservations but then again, it was NY. Momentarily defeated, we walked up the block and into Channel 4 Irish Pub. Though the drinks were NY prices, the food was served quickly and was delicious...and relatively cheap (under $20/entree). Definitely a keeper.

We made it to Radio City just in time. And the concert was as one would expect. great songs, done well, with fantastic sound. In fact, pretty much like the concert shown on PBS. What was more interesting was seeing the concert goers... lots of women with long curly hair and men with pony tails. Poor Lucky, not looking like he was listening to a different drummer!

PS: I did manage to capture the spirit of LM with that queer little device known as a camera, but since she has this thing about privacy, here's a link to almost the exact same picture I took. Just note that I disagree with the NYT review.

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