Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Hedwig Does Asbury  

Baronet Theater
Originally uploaded by TheJerseyTomato.
The rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch" is currently playing at the Baronet Theater in Asbury Park (every Saturday in April). It's the first time that the off-Broadway hit is being performed in NJ.

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a HedHead... Ever since I saw the original cast on MTV with Kurt Loder back in 1999 and had to buy the cast album the next day. So when I happened upon this performance, Lucky and I had to go.

It was fantastic! The "seen-better-days/slated for demotion by Asbury Partners" Baronet was an unlisted character in the musical, adding to the feel. And the cast/band was wonderful. The lead Bob Walker isn't as strong on the acting as role-creator John Cameron Mitchell BUT on vocals, a definite equal. His improv skills allow Hedwig to become a full character. For the $10 ticket price, you are not getting a "community theater experience" but rather a real & gritty, CBGB's rock-n-roll good time.

Just a bit of a warning... this is not a musical to bring your kids or grandma to, unless Granny's moshed with Sid Vicious and your kids are old enough to appreciate this generation's "Rocky Horror."

PS: Congrats to FrenchToastGirl for being named the 1000 Favorite blog by Blogger. See, the site re-do worked.

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