Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Happy New Year!  
Yesterday, we went to Gumby's annual New Year's DAY party.

It's a great idea... everyone has New Year's Eve plans (heck, last year, Lucky and I went to two of the three NYE parties we were invited to) but no one has plans for January 1st. Except for people wanting a deal on mattresses, furniture or cars.

So Gumby doesn't take excuses... he knows that his friends are probably not working and to avoid people cancelling because they have to go to bed early, he holds it from 12noon-7pm.

It was really nice and low key. Because there was no rush of making sure that you didn't miss the ball-drop (we came close to missing it this year because there was so much fun at JonJon's place... PS: doesn't Carson Daly look like he's morphing into Dick Clark?), or need to run to another shin-dig, everyone got to enjoy the family-style holiday dinner. This year, FOUR turkeys were deep-fryed out on the patio away from the kids running around inside.

Gumby created a 36 foot long table, using a plywood table topper that connected conference tables with his pool table (which he covered as well). The table stretched through two rooms with enough chairs for his 44 guests; it belonged in a Vanderbilt house, it was so long! It made it difficult for conversing with many people but definitely created a wow! factor.

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