Friday, May 12, 2006
A Piece of My Heart... A Part of NJ  

My uncle died a few weeks ago. Chances are you knew him. He was a "sitter."

"Sitters" are a rarer breed of Jerseyan than the "wavers." Although both will sit outside no matter the weather (generally wearing baseball caps), the waver is less selective with the cars he greets. The sitter will only wave at people he likes.

My uncle Walt was the sitter of Route 28. The locals called him "The Mayor of North Ave." He would talk to other townies about the previous night's baseball game, or the nation's political situation. He would read the paper. And he would watch what was going around him. A few years ago, he had an accident and hurt his hip; but that didn't stop him for long. He'd just prop his white plastic chair on top of his walker and go to his spot.

Being a sitter is something that my family does. My grandfather, Uncle Waltie's dad, used to sit in his rocking chair in front of his furniture store (now my gift shop) for many years. Who will take up the chair? Right now, I'm taking resumes.

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