Thursday, March 02, 2006
Three Degrees of Separation...  
A few years back, a friend told me that she believed in "Six Degrees of Separation" except in NJ, it's three.

I've seen that statement in action so many times... the clubbing friend from Bloomfield who has a high school friend who knows a Peace Corp volunteer in Ghana. Who was my college roommate. (I actually also knew his friend). Chandler ended up marrying another clubbing friend Monica who went to school with my housemate's husband.

But that statement also seems to involve NJ's news stories... my friend's father was in the WTC on 9/11, a friend's brother-in-law died in there, another friend was scheduled to have a meeting there but was sick, yet another was to be in the WTC subway station but was running an hour late.

Today, I was shocked to see that Charles Cullen had killed the father of a favorite customer. She never said anything, not like it's something that you easily drop into conversation. This lady has a son who is extremely autistic; to have this pain added to her shoulders is just so wrong.

I can only hope that the next three degrees incident involves a big lottery win, and they consider me to be close enough to share in the winnings :)

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