Saturday, March 25, 2006
Then did he raise on high the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch...  

Last night, we played YET ANOTHER game of "Killer Bunnies." Now, I do appreciate getting together with my friends. But I just don't get their fascination with this game.

To those "not in the know", Killer Bunnies is a card game that was created in this great tomato state. The aim is to protect your bunnies from getting killed, kill other bunnies, and earn carrots, hoping that one of them is the "magic carrot." The game encourages strategy and negotiation, alliances, etc. And can be a lot of fun.

Apparently, it's so much fun that 3 of my friends have purchased the game (and its gazillion expansion packs). Since they've spent more than $100 each on this game, they feel the need to get the most out of their purchases. And so, almost every time we get together for a "game night," out come the bunnies. It's gotten to the point that I would rather enjoy playing Monopoly... and I HATE Monopoly.

Friday, March 17, 2006
Happy St. Patty's Day!  
Just wanted to thank the Middlesex McD's for supplying the necessary Shamrock Shake. I know that it's not an "official item" and so many Irish-Americans (or Jerseyans who become "Irish for the Day" like me) aren't able to quench their thirst for a minty slurry. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

PS: A few years ago, the Florham Park McD's also had Shamrock Shakes... they were even more adventurous throughout the year with orange and banana flavors. Haven't been there in a while so can't verify that they still do.

Sunday, March 12, 2006
Jersey's Freshest...  
Congratulations to March 12, 2006 Yahoo! Pick of the Day... Star Ledger's own NJ Online: The Sopranos.

Thursday, March 09, 2006
Red Bull New Jersey?  
Apparently, the MetroStars have been purchased by Red Bull and will be named Red Bull New York.

The MetroStars are yet another professional sports team that plays in the Meadowlands (soon to be moving to their own stadium in Harrison). But unlike the NEW YORK Giants and the NEW YORK Jets, who say that they need to be named after the Empire State because their corporate offices are in NYC, the Red Bull New York (nee MetroStars) are based in Secaucus.

Why is Red Bull renaming the team after a state which has nothing to do with them?

Save Tillie.... Again?  
I just came across Kate Mellina's January 12th column on

According to the column, the sloppy plywood sheds that Asbury Partners put over Tillie and the bumper car girl murals were falling apart. Back in August, they had been checked out by a conservator hired by SaveTillie and a report of what needed to be done was issued (proper ventilation so that mold doesn't grow on the murals, etc). However, Asbury Park announced that the murals would need to be moved because of planned upgrades to the city's sewage facility, the current home of the murals. And so, even though this upgrade isn't slated until 15 months from now, nothing was done.

Considering that this column was written two months ago, I contacted Bob Crane, the head of SaveTillie to find out if anything had changed. So far, some of the damage to one of the sheds has been fixed; but no location has been chosen to house Tillie and the girls. "The City and Asbury Partners are supposed to meet next week to resolve a number of issues, including the question of a new location. If the meeting actually happens, and a new location is actually selected, then we'll start working through other details -- what type of sheds will be built, who will do the work, who will move the sheds, etc. This is a long way around to saying: stay tuned, and hopefully by this time next week we'll have something concrete."

So as soon as I hear anything new, I'll pass the info on :)

3/17/05 ETA: Not a surprise... negotiations between the City and Asbury Partners over waterfront issues including the sheds didn't end yesterday, and should take a few more weeks.

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Three Degrees of Separation...  
A few years back, a friend told me that she believed in "Six Degrees of Separation" except in NJ, it's three.

I've seen that statement in action so many times... the clubbing friend from Bloomfield who has a high school friend who knows a Peace Corp volunteer in Ghana. Who was my college roommate. (I actually also knew his friend). Chandler ended up marrying another clubbing friend Monica who went to school with my housemate's husband.

But that statement also seems to involve NJ's news stories... my friend's father was in the WTC on 9/11, a friend's brother-in-law died in there, another friend was scheduled to have a meeting there but was sick, yet another was to be in the WTC subway station but was running an hour late.

Today, I was shocked to see that Charles Cullen had killed the father of a favorite customer. She never said anything, not like it's something that you easily drop into conversation. This lady has a son who is extremely autistic; to have this pain added to her shoulders is just so wrong.

I can only hope that the next three degrees incident involves a big lottery win, and they consider me to be close enough to share in the winnings :)

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