Friday, February 03, 2006
Real slogan of NJ  
"New Jersey: Come See for Yourself" was voted as NJ's new official slogan. I voted for it myself (although my..."NJ Makes Me Smile" idea is STILL better). But does it really reflect Jersey's attitude? The Marks at Weird NJ don't think so...

That's why you can vote for the official Weird New Jersey slogan. After signing up for the message board, you can choose from several different topics:
1. Corruption
New Jersey: Need a helping hand? How about a finger?
Visit New Jersey. It Would Be a Shame If Something Were To Happen To Your Mother, So Just F#$@ing Visit!
New Jersey: Hey, we didn't see nuthin'.
New Jersey: Now youse CAN'T leave!
New Jersey: Where everyone's connected.

2. Pollution
Welcome to New Jersey, Where There's a Rainbow in Every Puddle!
New Jersey: Where You Get All Your Minerals In One Breath.
New Jersey will take your breath away!
NJ- Smell Perth Amboy and Die Happy!
It's the smell of progress.

3. Pride
New Jersey says: "Get your ass over here now!
My way or the Pulaski Sky Way!
New Jersey: The Only Place in America That Can Say "Jersey" Without a Stupid Accent
Our Girls Are So Hot, You Won't Even Mind Their Mustaches... New Jersey
New Jersey: Keeping New Yorkers out of PA since 1776.

4. Traffic
New Jersey: Where we let you in for free, but have to pay to leave.
New Jersey: Car horn is our second language.
New Jersey-Born to Run...You Over.
New Jersey: Just try and navigate our traffic circles.
Get off the friggin' road. Can't you see I'm drivin here?

5. General Weirdness
New Jersey: the Hindenburg was just the beginning…
New Jersey: where the Martians landed.
NJ: Depot For the Mother Ship.
NJ-Where the skeletons in your closet are real.
Weird NJ: Our ham came from the chicken that came from the egg that came from the chicken that came from the egg.

So do your patriotic duty and vote!!

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